The Perfect Size Tent
Pole Tents (includes set up/tear down)
20x20 $225 plus delivery
​20x30 $275 plus delivery
20x40 $350 plus delivery
30x40 $550 plus delivery
40x40 $750 plus delivery
40x60 $1,100 plus delivery
40x80 $1,500 plus delivery
40x100 $1,900 plus delivery

Frame Tents (includes set up/tear down)
20x20 high peak $275 plus delivery
20x40 high peak $500 plus delivery
20x60 high peak $750 plus delivery
20x80 high peak $1000 plus delivery
20x100 high peak $1250 plus delivery
10x10 $200 plus delivery
10x20 $275 plus delivery
10x30 $350 plus delivery
10x40 $425 plus delivery
10x60 $650 Plus delivery

For sizes not listed please contact us

$2 basic straight back alloyfold chair
$2.50 white fanback alloyfold chair
$2.50 black straight back chair 
$4 white padded resin garden chair
$5 wood folding chair

6ft Rectangular table (72in X 30in) $8 ea
8ft Rectangular table $10
5ft Round (60in)  $15
6ft round $25
stand up cocktail tables $15
Serpentine/curved table $25

Light Fixtures:
approx 50 ft stranded accent lighting black in color, approx 24 bulbs per strand $60ea
We hang all light fixtures in the top of the tent, not from sides.

Oak dance floor 
$2 SF indoor use
$3 SF outdoor use

Staging $50 per 4x4ft section, leveling charges may apply 

Pole tent Sides 
Solid white $1.5 per foot
White with windows $​2 per foot

Frame tent sides
Solid white $40 per 20ft section
Window sides $50 per 20ft section

For larger orders, weddings, corporate events or something you don't see on our website please contact us to create customized options to make your event the best it can be! 

All prices on this page subject to change without notice

Two week notice or rush charge will apply

Minimum base price order $100 please (before delivery/tax)

Popular Packages:
Packages are not limited to the following. 
Please contact us for your customized solution.
20x20 Pole Tent
24 Chairs (standard)  
4 Rectangular tables (72x30 in)
$325 plus delivery
Upgrades available!

20x30 Pole Tent 
36 Chairs (standard)
6 Rectangular tables (72x30 in)
$425 plus delivery
Upgrade to fan back chairs for $0.50 each

20x40 Pole Tent 
48 Chairs (standard)  
8 Rectangular tables (72x30 in)
$525 plus delivery
Upgrade to fan back chairs for $0.50 each

Stand up cocktail tables